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Obviously, this assessment can be completed through a written response. Students would simply craft an answer on paper and turn it in for a grade. On a paper version, I could still assess my students the same way I described in the evaluation section, paying attention to use of terminology and contextual reference in the responses. So why go through the trouble of installing webcams, uploading videos, and emailing responses? The answer is simple - novelty!

By allowing students a new way to demonstrate learning, the interest and engagement level is automatically raised. In addition, this method of reflecting on the lesson meets many of my digital learners at a somewhat comfortable crossroads. The technology is not foreign, but students are placed a little out of their comfort zone when it comes to recording and having to review themselves on camera. As a result, they are very careful to create a response that is well-crafted, well-rehearsed and well-spoken.

Using this strategy a lot is counterproductive to the novelty approach, so I use it sparingly (only once or twice per semester or year). It results in very thorough work from the students and a break from the monotony of grading papers for the teacher!

  Why use a Webcam?
  Performance Tasks: Why use a Webcam?
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Read My Lips: Lip Print Analysis

Unit 5: Forensics
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Objective: SWBAT practice the forensic techniques of print comparison and paper chromatography.

Big Idea: Lip prints are used as evidence in a forensics investigation? We'll find out.

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