Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Newton's Laws of Motion - Section 3: Explain/Explore


In today’s lesson, students conducted research on Newton’s three laws of motion.  I implemented a chunking strategy approach to give my students structure while helping them grapple with the concepts presented in each law of motion.  The chunking strategy is an effective way of breaking down information into smaller pieces so students can process and grasp the concepts in a more manageable way. It helps students simplify information to commit it to their long term memory, making it easier to retrieve as they further develop their understanding of concepts and information.

My students applied this strategy during their research of Newton’s three laws of motion. Instead of having them complete all the research at once, I had them focus on one law of motion at a time. This gave them an opportunity to read about the law on different websites, observe the law in action, and record their understanding of it on a graphic organizer. This organizer supported their chunking as they researched because it broke the laws into three categories, allowing them to complete one section at a time. Students had the chance to develop their understanding of these laws using this method of learning.  

I found this strategy most effective with my English language learners and special education students. It gave them opportunity to focus on one law at a time so they would not feel overwhelmed with new information. 

  Chunking Research
  Grappling with Complexity: Chunking Research
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Newton's Laws of Motion

Unit 6: Forces and Motions
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Objective: SWBAT distinguish between Newton's 3 laws of motion.

Big Idea: Students will read about Newton's 3 Laws and apply their understanding of each one by classifying images illustrate the relationship each has with motion..

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