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The CCSS writing standards asks that students participate in shared research projects.  I am always looking for opportunities to allow my students to do this work. In this lesson I asked my students to research ways that nature might help them to solve their problem.  I was not sure how this was going to work out..actually, I was quite nervous with the "open-endedness" of the problem. My students surprised me over and over again. I had two boys designing a way to keep birds off of their raspberry bushes.  They decided that thorn bushes would be the plant they would study.  They said that birds don't like thorns so they would design a model with spikes and strong ropes.  They boys also looked at vines and though they could make the ropes twisted like vines to prevent the birds from squeezing through.  As my students researched I asked prompting questions, guiding the work and facilitating the research. This allowed my students to really focus on the plant parts that would provide the best help for their problems.

  Research and Writing - SO FUN!!
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Research and Writing - SO FUN!!
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STEM, Plants & Biomimicry - Day 1

Unit 6: Unit 6: Plant Life
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Objective: SWBAT plan and design a solution to a human problem using plant structures.

Big Idea: Have you heard of Biomimicy? This amazing science is using nature to solve everyday problems! Check out how 1st grade students use this science to plan and design solutions to real problems!

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Science, plants, Influence of Engineering, Technology, and Science, on Society and the Natural World, seed, life
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