Reflection: Perseverance STEM, Plants & Biomimicry - Day 2 - Section 3: Build it!


I never know how much to let go or how much guidance to give my students when doing STEM.  In this lesson, I asked my students to develop their own problems and then design a solution using nature.  In this video I have two boys discussing their problem and their designs.  They decided to work together to solve a "little brother and big brother" problem.  For this lesson I could have assigned a problem to solve however I was impressed with how creative and focused my students became as the work got harder. 

Why did this work?

1. I modeled appropriate questions and then helped students to pick problems that would be easily solved using nature.

2. We voted on the top 10 problems and then I partnered students according to their 1st pick (I did have 2 groups of 3 students.

3. I asked for recyclable materials from parents, staff members and neighbors ahead of time.


  The Tough Stuff!
  Perseverance: The Tough Stuff!
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STEM, Plants & Biomimicry - Day 2

Unit 6: Unit 6: Plant Life
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT to build models, test the models and evaluate why their design is either a success or failure.

Big Idea: Have you heard of Biomimicy? This amazing science is using nature to solve everyday problems! Check out how 1st grade students use this science!

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Science, plants, Influence of Engineering, Technology, and Science, on Society and the Natural World, seed, life
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