Reflection: Flexibility Isn't It Beautiful - Section 3: Student Activity: Revising the DNA Model


Even though I thought I had explained how students should collect data about their model clearly, they choose not to take clear pictures or include a scale.  When it came time to compare their new model with their original model, they didn't have the type of data they needed.  It was important to take an extra period, step back, and walk them through some strategies and possibilities to help them determine a different way to collect data.  In this reflection videon, I describe what we did as a class to determine a new more concrete way to compare data.  

  Flexibility: How to Salvage a Lesson Plan When Students Don't Follow Directions
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Isn't It Beautiful

Unit 12: Molecular Genetics
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will construct a model of DNA to understand its basic structure.

Big Idea: Students will revise their model of DNA based on new information. Once you have all the information, your model can be beautiful.

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a dna  b dna and z dna
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