Reflection: Pacing Multiplication: x8 - Section 5: Independent Practice


Looking back on this lesson, I loved how each student could work at his/her own pace. While some students were taking jumps on the number line with their markers, others were building number lines with unix cubes or busy discussing patterns. 

This gave me plenty of time to conference with individual students. I loved that this student could take the time to develop his mathematical explanation. At first, he was telling me about the pattern. By the end of the video, he showed me the pattern. You'll hear me ask the student next to this boy,"Do you see the pattern?" to try to pull in others students into the conversation: Repeating Digits.

I am reminded of the importance of slowing down and giving students to delve deeper and deeper. 

I will also say that some students become off task when given so much freedom. To discourage this, I kept pointing out "high level" math behaviors: Wow! Everyone look at ______. He is ________. This is an example of being a high level mathematician! Soon, more and more kids began exhibiting high-level behaviors. Positive encouragement goes a long way! 


  Pacing: Pacing
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Multiplication: x8

Unit 13: Multiplication Kick Off
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT multiply a multi-digit number by 8.

Big Idea: After modeling multiplication facts for 8 using a number line and learning multiplication rhymes, students will multiply multi-digit numbers by 8.

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Math, modeling, Numbers and Operations, multiplication facts, number line model, number line, Operations
  95 minutes
8 x 6 rhyme
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