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The reflection questions provided at the end of the lesson vary in the level of thinking, as they require students to explain, compare/contrast, and evaluate aspects of the content they have been investigating in this lab. It is not necessary for all students to answer every question. Because of the diverse entry points of these questions, every student should have success in demonstrating their learning and understanding of the content by addressing a few of the questions. I often select just a few of questions for specific students to respond to (based on the ability level of the individual student) or allow them to select 1-2 of their own, provided they answer one that I select for them. 

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Say Cheese: Dental Analysis

Unit 5: Forensics
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze dental impressions to identify a crime suspect. SWBAT describe the work of a forensic dentist.

Big Idea: Teeth can be a crucial piece of evidence when solving a crime. How can something so small provide such big clues?

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