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One of the videos in this Blendspace is over an hour in length. I do not expect the students to watch the entire video, but rather to skim through it at their own pace. Some students will take an interest in the topic and will really want to watch the whole thing. For these students, I offer to leave it on my website for the week so they can watch it at their leisure. However, please note that watching the entire one hour video in class would not be beneficial, as it will lose many students' interest and cover more information that necessary to meet the objectives.

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Written in Bone: Forensic Anthropology (5 Day Mini-research Project)

Unit 5: Forensics
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify the height of an individual based on the length of their femur, differentiate between male and female bones and then create a digital presentation that compares and contrasts the work of forensic anthropologists to what is shown on television.

Big Idea: Anthropology isn't just for learning about ancient civilizations. Learn how forensic anthropologists help solve modern day crimes.

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