Reflection: Flexibility Handwriting Analysis - Section 5: Evaluate


Option 2: Ticket Out the Door

If time does not permit you to perform a longer assessment as described, the following reflection TOTD question could be used to assess student understanding:

Suppose you were a detective called to a crime scene. The only piece of evidence you found was a handwritten note. What kinds of tests would you perform on the note? What would this information tell you? How could you use this information to learn about the assailant?

Suggested responses: You would want to determine the type of ink used, the kind of paper, grammar and spelling, and the characteristics of the handwriting.  If any handwriting samples were on file of other people convicted of crimes in the area or of noted suspects, you would want to compare them with the handwriting in the note, based on the 12 characteristics of handwriting, which are...  You could also check for fingerprints. 

  Option 2: Ticket out the Door
  Flexibility: Option 2: Ticket out the Door
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Handwriting Analysis

Unit 5: Forensics
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Objective: SWBAT learn how handwriting and paper analyses can be used to detect forgeries. SWBAT explore the role of handwriting and paper analyses in solving crimes and mysteries.

Big Idea: A lot can be determined from a person's handwriting. But how does it help us to solve crimes?

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