Reflection: Classroom Setup DESIGN LAB: Nitrogen (4 of 4) - Section 5: FINAL TEST: Scientific experiments support design effectiveness


Students were not able to complete the data collection for this DESIGN LAB because of an unforeseen complication.  My classroom is a shared laboratory space used for multiple classes taught by multiple teachers.  As one of the largest rooms in the school, it is also sometimes used as a grading center or temporary records storage facility during standardized testing periods.  During the collection period for this DESIGN LAB, our school administered a standardized test and my room was used as a grading space for that test.  In preparing the room for grading, the student developed prototypes were actually thrown away.  All of the fish in one of the setups had died; somebody thought that this was a sign that these were not live experiments.  My lesson, probably obvious to many teachers in a shared space, is that I need to carefully label ongoing experiments in case the room I teach in is used for other reasons. 

  The shared classroom is a high traffic field site
  Classroom Setup: The shared classroom is a high traffic field site
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DESIGN LAB: Nitrogen (4 of 4)

Unit 5: Food (biosphere and geosphere)
Lesson 18 of 24

Objective: Students will be able to 1) test nitrogen cycle prototypes through peer review; 2) iterate prototype designs; 3) develop an experimental design to assess the effective of design prototypes; and 4) connect potential experimental outcomes to modern agricultural practices.

Big Idea: A functional nitrogen cycle is an essential part of healthy agricultural systems. How might we use models to help us understand how the nitrogen cycle becomes disrupted and what might be done to prevent disruption?

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