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My students often have quiz/test anxiety.  Before previous exams, I gave students a 5-10 minute opportunity to review their notes.  But, what I've noticed is that this additional time isn't really useful to students.  Although they've studied the previous night, they try to cram any forgotten information and this only makes them more nervous.

I tried something different for this quiz; I called it the "I Know" game.  I posted the quiz topics on the board so students could be reminded of what they were expected to know.  I asked them to think of helpful information/facts that they could share with the class.  I gave them the example, "I know that a coordinate plane has 4 quadrants that are numbered in counterclockwise order."  Then I selected students to share these facts with the class.  

Some of examples of what students shared are:

- I know that the opposite of a positive number is a negative number.

- I know that to change a decimal to a fraction the place value is important.

- I know that the absolute value of a number is the distance from 0.

I believe that this short activity was more helpful than a normal review of notes, because it positively focused on what students knew.

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Number System Quiz

Unit 10: Rational Numbers
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT show their knowledge of the number system.

Big Idea: Students take a quiz on the number system.

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