Reflection: Joy Toy Vehicle Design - Section 6: Wrap-Up


The kiddos had a blast building their vehicles. Each 2nd grade class had an hour to work on their vehicles. My class was the last group to work with the T 4 T materials. Most stayed after school to continue building.

Parent volunteers were a huge help, but next year I will debrief volunteers before building to allow the students to build and not take over their designs.

The previous lessons really helped to prepare the students for the building day. They walked in with a plan and had a good idea what resources would be available for them to use.

Remember to set up a ramp for the kiddos to test their vehicles.

The next time we met for science I had ramps set up for students to test their vehicles against the criteria that was originally noted in the first lesson: roll straight and far. Students measured each others vehicle distance and/or marked where the vehicle rolled out of the 'straight line boundaries'. Materials were available for students who wanted to modify their vehicle.

Students were not allowed to release their vehicles with their hands. I used this as a teaching moment to discuss variables and how if the cars were released by hand some students could possibly give it a little push.

Students learned that they had to practice how they would remove the ruler so that the vehicle got off to a smooth start.

After the testing period, each class  held vehicle trials to identify the top 3 vehicles that would compete in the 'vehicle olympics'. For the olympics all the second grade classes met in the quad for the Big Roll Off event. Everyone was a great sport and the winner was beaming.

This will become an annual event for our second graders!

  Joy: Vehicle Building and the Great Roll Off
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Toy Vehicle Design

Unit 6: Engineering Opportunities
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT design and explain how their toy vehicle plan meets the form and function criteria.

Big Idea: Engineering elves apply their research from the last couple of lessons to design their own toy vehicle blue print.

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