Reflection: Complex Tasks How Does It Roll? or Apprentice Elves Learn About Moving Parts - Section 3: Vehicle Diagram


In this lab students are exploring how the 'rolling parts' are connected to create a rolling vehicle.

This was a complex task, I am asking the students to learn new vocabulary, take apart a toy, understand how the pieces fit with each other, draw a diagram to show me what they know  and then put the toy back together.

The students are learning about the pieces as they observe the toy and take it apart. The definitions at the top of the page was a useful reference for the kiddos as they discussed and drew their diagrams.

The diagrams helped students look for specific parts of the toy, but after viewing their diagrams, it is difficult to tell whether or not the students understood how the pieces fit together, or if they understood the role of each part in the 'rolling system'.

Next time I do this lesson, I will model with my diagram how I could use arrows to show how each part is connected to the next part.

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How Does It Roll? or Apprentice Elves Learn About Moving Parts

Unit 6: Engineering Opportunities
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the components, the axle and wheel which allow the vehicle to roll.

Big Idea: Research and development teams take apart toy vehicles to discover how the parts are put together and the key components needed to make it roll.

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