Reflection: Complex Tasks Coordinate Plane and Shapes - Section 3: Independent Practice


This assignment was a great assessment of students' ability to follow multi-step directions.  Many of my students are so eager to complete a problem/assignment that they don't completely read the directions.  Their rectangles had to satisfy all of the given criteria, but many did not.  

Many students didn't correctly follow the perimeter criteria and instead created a rectangle with an area of 28.  They recognized their mistake when they had to prove that the perimeter was 28 units using absolute value.

Next time I teach this lesson I will provide students with the criteria on paper, rather than post it on the board.  This will allow students to highlight key vocabulary and make a checklist of the necessary steps.

  Following Directions
  Complex Tasks: Following Directions
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Coordinate Plane and Shapes

Unit 10: Rational Numbers
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use ordered pairs to create shapes.

Big Idea: Students find the perimeter and area of rectangles using a coordinate plane.

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