Reflection: Pacing How Does It Roll? or Apprentice Elves Learn About Moving Parts - Section 5: Vehicle Debrief


Teams needed the entire time to disassemble, sketch and discuss, and reassemble their vehicles, so our debrief was abbreviated.

The debrief is an important aspect to this lesson because it helps develop their schema of their recent hands on experience of disassembling a toy vehicle and identifying the parts of the 'rolling systme'.

Next time I will plan this debrief during a guided writing time and use it create a 'All About Book' on parts of a 'rolling system'.

Planning the 'debrief' for a following time gives students a chance to digest what they did and gives them some space from the activity. 

  Plan Vehicle Debrief for Another Time
  Pacing: Plan Vehicle Debrief for Another Time
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How Does It Roll? or Apprentice Elves Learn About Moving Parts

Unit 6: Engineering Opportunities
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the components, the axle and wheel which allow the vehicle to roll.

Big Idea: Research and development teams take apart toy vehicles to discover how the parts are put together and the key components needed to make it roll.

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