Reflection: Intervention and Extension Line plot & Stem-and-Leaf Plot - Section 2: Group Work


This year I had a student collect data throughout class for a grade for this lesson. I needed to find a way to hold them accountable for the effort and discussion sections of the worksheet. So rather than pair them up, I grouped them in heterogonous groups of 4. I selected students in each class to collect data in each group. These students would let me know how many questions each student answered correctly. The students I selected in each class for these jobs included my high to middle achievers that were perhaps struggling to understand the “context” of statistical situations, or simply needed to be pushed higher. By immersing them in one part of the process they can begin to understand the measures of statistics (i.e. central tendency and variability).

Some things that had to change in the worksheet include:

  • numbering each individual question in the worksheet to make data collection simple
  • for open ended questions, data collectors were asked to simply record whether an answer with more than 1 sentence was included
  • for the stem and leaf plot, data collectors were given the answer and asked to state whether each student’s plot was correct or incorrect (misplaced or missing data values)
  • providing data collectors with all answers to the group work.


During the independent practice, while some students were working on the worksheet provided in the next section, the data collectors were asked to create a line plot AND a stem and leaf plot using the total number of points earned on the group worksheet for each student. These students shared out their results with each group, sharing the most common error made and anything learned while collecting the data. It was a great way to engage students who struggle to understand context and it allowed the other students in their group to learn about data collection. 

  The Data Collector
  Intervention and Extension: The Data Collector
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Line plot & Stem-and-Leaf Plot

Unit 7: Statistics and Probability
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create and interpret line plots and stem-and-leaf plots.

Big Idea: Students work in cooperative groups to create stem-and-leaf plots and line plots

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