Reflection: Student Communication Test Solution Project (#3 of 5) - Section 3: Instructional Input/Student Activities


These two students ("C" and "D") peer-evaluated each other with "D"s comments shown here.

The structure of the peer evaluation tool is broken into three sections. When reading through Ds feedback, the following themes emerge in what C is doing well and how he can improve.

Praise: Collaboration; clarity; format; appearance and aesthetics (Addresses Goal A.2)

Question: Causes to environmental issue; possible solutions; effectiveness (Addresses Goal A.1, B.1, B.2)

Polish: Evidence; connect to main issue; broaden scope of work (Addresses A.1)

Student C's Project Tasks

A) Management History & Effects

1. Identify and describe at least one past and/or present attempt to solve the target issue     and how successful it was. Cite supporting evidence.

2. You will be the team editor as well. This includes assembling the research of other team members and completing the final edited product.

B) Resolution (Test Solution)

1. Recommend two different strategies (solutions) that might improve the situation (MV). Be very specific when describing your approach

2. Describe how you will evaluate both strategies to learn how well they work (RV); in other   words, which solution might be the better one?

All in all, when looking at C's role (shown below) pointed feedback was given in all required areas, and then some!

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Test Solution Project (#3 of 5)

Unit 7: 7) Ecology ("Population Interactions")
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: Students will design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity.

Big Idea: Natural resources are precious and finite. It is important for students to be aware of environmental issues in their own backyard and imagine feasible solutions to problems that threaten them.

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