Reflection: Lesson Planning Gravity - Section 4: Part 2 (Exploration/Simulation - Calculation - Organization - Illustration)


In this and several of the other lessons in this unit I have replaced using paper manipulatives with a virtual desktop within Google slides. When you open up the slide decks you'll see a workspace that has either white or black background.

This represents the tabletop that the students would be working on. The images and terms, that appear on top of this, represent what would have been photocopied and laminated paper manipulatives that students would arrange to demonstrate their understanding of the model under study.

By creating a computer-based version of this eliminates the need for copying and laminating and also allows the student to save their work and submit it to the teacher for review. If you find that you prefer a paper method it would be simple enough to copy these images into a word processing document, print them and create the hard copy manipulatives. 

  Simulating Manipulatives Using Google Docs
  Lesson Planning: Simulating Manipulatives Using Google Docs
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Unit 8: Where Is Earth In Space?
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe the relationship between mass, distance and gravity for objects in the solar system.

Big Idea: Using a variety of simulations and models, students come to understand the role of gravity as a governing force in the solar system.

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