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In this case, Student B critiqued Student A in this document and, specifically, Student B would be well served to review what was written in the "Question" (Q) and "Polish" (P) sections going forward. Specifically, "A" needs to clarify "what is 'it' in the last sentence" and "how does the climate/environment connect to the Puget Sound and its environment?". Probing questions like these, especially generated by a peer, have the effect of directing the focus of revision into productive areas.

To further elaborate this point, a different student remarked in a reflection, "To make my slide better for this project the thing where we talked with another group (PQP protocol) was very helpful because we got to see each other’s work and give each other feedback on it."

  Student Feedback: Design-Evaluate-REFINE
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Test Solution Project (#4 of 5)

Unit 7: 7) Ecology ("Population Interactions")
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: Students will design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity.

Big Idea: Natural resources are precious and finite. It is important for students to be aware of environmental issues in their own backyard and imagine feasible solutions to problems that threaten them.

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