Reflection: Station Rotation Sleep, A Neurological Luxury or Living Necessity? - Section 3: Explore/Explain/Extend


       This lab can be prove to be a big undertaking especially if your execution time frame is less than a 90 minute block and your prep time is much less than that. To minimize both, assign students to rotate between three stations total instead of four. To accomplish this you will need to select 3 of the four lab activities that really drives the objective; To describe the physiological effects of sleep deprivation. Labs 3-A,B & D are great selections. Set up each station to accommodate four students.  Equip each station with one set of lab materials at its center and affix 1 copy of all reference information (eg. for 3A, place pages 21-22 and 24) on both sides of the materials. This allows students to share the materials and minimizes copying time and costs. Duplicate this set up at an adjacent table for 3A and follow this pattern for the remaining lab activities. At minimum, you could accommodate 24 students or group students in threes to take on a max of 36 students. Provide students with all handouts that facilitate data collection (pages 23 and 25 for activity 3A for instance), pair them up and direct them to move in a more linear mode of rotation. Each lab station can be completed, with team work of course, in 10-15 minutes. Thus, you can still meet the objectives with less time and materials. With a little extra wet materials, the lab can be set for all of your classes. 

  Making the Lab Work With Limited Time!
  Station Rotation: Making the Lab Work With Limited Time!
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Sleep, A Neurological Luxury or Living Necessity?

Unit 9: Learning, Memory and Biological Clocks
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Objective: Students will use models to explain the relationship between sleep and standard metabolic functions in the body.

Big Idea: The body and brain requires sleep to maintain and regulate daily homeostatic functions of the body that directly or indirectly impact circadian rhythms.

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