Reflection: Student Grouping Comparing Distributions - Section 3: Independent Practice + Partner Review


Based on my previous sections' reflection, I changed the way I used the guided practice document. I used the attached document as the independent practice students completed in groups during the first part of this section. The additional attached practice was mostly completed by students during the independent practice.

The pairing of students based on their answers to the first question in the guided practice document worked well. Students felt comfortable asking their partners questions when they got stuck. I was left to float around the room to help any pairs that were stuck. 

Please not that there is an answer document attached at the end.

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Comparing Distributions

Unit 7: Statistics and Probability
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT interpret line plots and stem-and-leaf plots and use them to compare data.

Big Idea: students discuss random samples and compare data using measures of center in line plots and stem and leaf plots

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day 122 compare line graphs
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