Reflection: Intervention and Extension Comparing Distributions - Section 1: Do Now + Intro to New Material


The Do Now in this lesson is much too dense. Keep in mind that the original lessons I created were limited by timing since I only had an hour of math class that year. This year I have been teaching 90 minute sections which have allowed me to give students more processing time. I changed this worksheet by taking the multiple choice questions out and leaving the vocabulary activity on the sheet for students to complete independently. I also extended the amount of time they worked on this sheet at the beginning of class to 5 minutes (instead of 3 as indicated in the original narrative). After those 5 minutes, students had the opportunity to turn and talk with a neighbor to share out their answers. This saves me times as students ask each other clarification questions.  I walk around the room listening to their conversations and asking questions of my own to push their thinking. The questions I ask to push thinking are the multiple choice questions on the original Do Now sheet. I also added these types of questions to their homework sheet this day.

My rationale is that I am using these multiple choice questions as intervention and extension while students are talking with each other. Through my conversations with students and asking these questions I will be able to identify the small group that I will need to work with me during the classwork section of this lesson, as well as the students who may be able to help their teammates use and understand these vocab terms. Looking for ways to utilize the student talent already in the room each day can be an effective way to drive growth for all students. 

  Too Dense, Make it Simpler
  Intervention and Extension: Too Dense, Make it Simpler
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Comparing Distributions

Unit 7: Statistics and Probability
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT interpret line plots and stem-and-leaf plots and use them to compare data.

Big Idea: students discuss random samples and compare data using measures of center in line plots and stem and leaf plots

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day 122 compare line graphs
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