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Data From Exit Tickets 

Exit tickets are a quick and easy way to assess student understanding of a daily concept.  Today students learned about the layers of the atmosphere.  The exit ticket I provided at the end of the lesson assessed their understanding of what the layers are, what each layer contains, and the difference between high pressure and low pressure systems in the atmosphere.  These were all concepts covered throughout the lesson. 

Exit tickets are generally given at the very end of a lesson and should only have 1-5 questions. They are meant to be a quick formative assessment that should only take a couple of minutes to complete.  The teacher can quickly check them later in the day to determine which students need additional practice with the concepts.  

The results of these exit tickets showed that 7 out of 20 students are struggling with the concepts.  These 7 students missed 3 or more questions.  Because such as large number of students struggled I will need to provide opportunities for more practice with the concepts.  One option would be to provide a Do Now with a couple of review questions each day.  This would generally take away about 5 minutes from the science block.  Another option would be to incorporate this into your reading block by finding a nonfiction reading passage about the atmosphere.  I found a reading passage on a 5th grade reading level titled "The Atmosphere: The Ocean of Air Above Us" that could be used.  The option that I chose for review is to provide a homework/project assignment to help review.  I asked all students to create a poster illustrating the layers of the atmosphere and what occurs in each.   

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The Atmosphere and Air Pressure

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT identify the layers of the atmosphere and describe how the pressure applied by the air in the troposphere affects weather.

Big Idea: Students learn how the pressure applied by the layers of the atmosphere affect weather, and then create a poster showing the difference in weather for high pressure areas and low pressure areas.

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