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Organization is one of the key factors in making sure a small group activity runs smoothly.  For this lesson, I had baggies prepared for each group which included all of the minerals needed, a streak plate, the items that will be used to test hardness, and Moh's scale of hardness.  Having all of these items in a baggies helps keep everything together before the lesson, and for students to return items to me after.  Having everything they need in one bag also helps eliminate movement around the room.  

Another way I kept things organized to help the lesson run smoothly is by having students place the same minerals on the note cards numbered 1 - 6.  This helped with the matching at the end.  If groups chose any mineral to use for number 1 - 6, it would have been very confusing and difficult to check accuracy and compare at the end.  

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Properties of Minerals

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use properties to identify minerals.

Big Idea: Students will use properties such as color, luster, hardness, and streak to identify a collection of minerals.

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