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My class is made up of a large diversity of learners. I have kids that range from developmentally delayed to gifted. I have ELL students and students with severe speech impediments. Although diverse, this group of kids is fully capable of learning at high levels and I do expect them to reach the goals I have set for them. Demonstrating their learning can be done in several different ways.

In this lesson, I have the kids demonstrate their learning in their science journals. Kids learn so much more when they hear, see, say, do and WRITE! Never underestimate the writing part. In one article I read it states that people remember seven times more when they write it than when they just say it. Hence, why I insist on the use of journaling in the classroom for all subject areas.

This strategy is rewarding for both students and teacher. It makes evaluating the level of learning for each child easy and time sensitive as well as benefits the kids in helping them retain the new information. Once the kids record their learning, I have them share their journal entries with their floor partner to have them solidify their thoughts as well as bring closure to the lessons. Their floor partner also serves as a sounding board who can provide additional information if needed. It also helps the kids to hear how other students process information. 



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  Checks for Understanding: Science journals
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The race is on!!

Unit 11: S-cargo! All about snails!
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT discuss the difference between land and water snails by observing them racing.

Big Idea: The students learn to state and defend by using evidence.

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