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My class is made up of a large diversity of learners. I have kids that range from developmentally delayed to gifted. I have ELL students and students with severe speech impediments. Although diverse, this group of kids is fully capable of learning at high levels and I do expect them to reach the goals I have set for them.

In this lesson, the kids are expected to take the information learned about water snails, record their information and present what they've learned to the class if they're called on. Years ago I thought something like this would be expecting too much from kids and that they wouldn't like having such high expectations. To the contrary, kids have voiced their excitement for such challenges and they all loved to be called to present, including my shy kids! Young children love to show off what they have learned so having them take turns presenting to their best individual abilities is motivation for them to do their best in school.

The strategy of having kids present their learning is successful on many levels. It gets them comfortable speaking in front of a group; it holds every student accountable for their learning at all times; and it allows them to take ownership of their learning, so much so that they can share it with others. Parents tell me all the time how much their kids love sharing what they've learned.

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Meet Willie the Water Snail

Unit 11: S-cargo! All about snails!
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify a water snail and the parts of a water snail by creating a diagram.

Big Idea: Many young children have never seen a live water snail. This lesson introduces the kids to what a water snail is and how they get from place to place.

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water snail in tank
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