Reflection: Accountability Midterm Exam - Section 1: Review


It's always good to give students ownership of their learning when possible.  Rather than provide a review sheet for students, another alternative would be to have them create the review sheet for the midterm.  I would give each group a topic and have them write a problem.  It's important to discuss with students the components of a "good" question.  Otherwise students may create a problem that is too simplistic or one that is overly complicated to the point that it may not make sense.

Students would not only have to provide the problem, but also the answer with work and a brief explanation of the steps.  They could use their notes, textbooks, or other sources for "inspiration", but they would be instructed that it has to be an original problem.

Students would receive packet of all their problems on one day and then a packet of the solutions the following day.

  Student Created Review Sheet
  Accountability: Student Created Review Sheet
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Midterm Exam

Unit 9: Multi-Unit Summative Assessments
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of previous topics.

Big Idea: Students take a midterm exam.

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