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Before sending my students off to work, I model how to take notes when watching a video. 


How Do Scientists Take Notes in First Grade?

1. Watch a small amount of the video. - (Just a couple of seconds)

2. Stop, think and talk to yourself about what you just watched.

3. Jot down the name of the animal and talk with your friends about what you just watched.

4.Ask yourself .... Did I just watch something that can help me answer our Inquiry Question today?

5. Do this again.

5. Go back, look at your notes and remind yourself about what you just learned.


  Note Taking!
  Rigor: Note Taking!
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Loving Animals!

Unit 5: Unit 5: Animal Families
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify different ways that animals show love to their young.

Big Idea: Nurturing, loving, and caring - OH MY! In this lesson students get to explore all the ways that animals parents show love to their babies!

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