Reflection: Intervention and Extension Function Notation - Section 1: Do-Now


Today's Do Now may be challenging for students since domain and range was formally introduced in just the previous class. To support students, I may place a few completed examples (other than the ones already on their paper) on the board. I will use different color markers to identify important features of the graph that will be used to identify the domain and range. Another support for students is to encourage them to drag their finger along to x and y axis to identify where the function lies on the coordinate plane. The domain and range is the place where the function "exists" on the graph. Similarly, students can use a colored pencil or highlighter to underline the x and y axis when the function is beside or above/below it.

  Domain and Range
  Intervention and Extension: Domain and Range
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Function Notation

Unit 2: Linear & Absolute Value Functions
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Objective: SWBAT express the relationship between the input and output of a function with function notation.

Big Idea: Students will analyze the use of function notation when describing what is happening in a function.

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