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The transition from middle school to high school can be hard for students.  For many, this will be the first time that they will have multiple teachers with completely different rules and procedures. 

To motivate and empower my students, "stamp sheets" are implemented as a whole class positive reinforcement system - starting on the very first day of school. The stamp sheet is a point tracker that is used to monitor student's performance over the span of a week. Even though the tracker is simply a table created on a word processor, it quickly become a staple in my classroom and is a student favorite.

Consistency is paramount.  If our schedule is abbreviated due a delayed opening or school event, stamp sheets still used to open and close the day. At the end of each week, stamp sheets are graded as a whole group, and students are given a moment to reflect on their performance for the week as well as to goal set for the week ahead. Students become accustom to this routine, and are able to see the importance of each day and that they are always in control of their learning and grades.

Stamp sheets are also extremely helpful during parent teacher conferences, as I am able to give parents a glance of their child’s performance in my class further than just test scores. If students have many latenesses or frequent miss their conduct stamp, we are able to have a discussion with concrete evidence of what is occurring in the classroom.

Even though the stamping can feel cumbersome, I swear by this system and implement stamp sheets for 50-75% of the school year depending on the class. By the last marking period the beginning of class routines are so solid, and my students have grown and matured so much that the stamp sheets aren’t needed. This day marks a mini-celebration for us, because I allow students to reflect on their progress throughout the year and to see themselves as “almost 10th-graders” rather than as freshman - who no longer need a stamp sheet to stay organized.

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  Classroom Setup: Stamp Sheets
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The Second Day of School!

Unit 1: Welcome Back! - The First Week of School
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Objective: SWBAT set academic goals for themselves for the upcoming school year.

Big Idea: Students will take a diagnostic test in order to determine the grade level in which they are performing mathematics.

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