Reflection: Unit Exams Physics Final Exam - Section 2: Physics Exam Time


In the video below, I examine a couple of responses from students and share thoughts about student thinking and my approach to assessing that thinking.

Student scores ranged from nearly zero (some seniors clearly didn't need the grade and, just as clearly, didn't prepare) to 100%. The average score, on the exam itself, was approximately 75-80% resulting in an average "reported" score (which combined the scores from the recent investigations into acceleration and inclined planes) of about 85%. I was pleased to see that the science habits, as captured in the investigations, had a measurable and positive influence on the reported exam scores. 

  Reviewing Student Responses
  Unit Exams: Reviewing Student Responses
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Physics Final Exam

Unit 6: Forces and Motion
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the second semester concepts - electromagnetics, objects in motion, Newton's Laws, and momentum.

Big Idea: Our year ends with a summative assessment within which students can demonstrate their understanding of electromagnetics, objects in motion, Newton's Laws, and momentum.

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