Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Butterfly Migration (Part 1/2) - Section 3: Video: The Incredible Journey of Butterflies


In this video reflection, I explain how I use this video to spark deeper classroom discussion. This movie has some great cinematography, but it can be slow at times.  By pausing the video and discussing what students see and the importance of migrating as a survival strategies, I keep my students interested in the movie and allow them to share their opinions and thoughts.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using Videos as a Starting Point for Classroom Discussions
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Butterfly Migration (Part 1/2)

Unit 11: Invertebrates
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: Students will use the North American monarch butterfly migration as evidence of successful social interactions that help maintain species survival.

Big Idea: Occurring every year through the Central Flyway, monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico to survive the harsh winter.

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Biology / Life Science, Science, social interaction, cause and effect, migration, Engaging in argument from evidence , Butterfly, invertebrates, Citizen science, group behavior
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