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While science can be fun in itself, it is always a good practice to integrate artist creativity as often as possible. My students were very excited about making paper from paper, but they were even more excited when they got to use the paper they made by decorating it for their parents.

In this lesson, the kids not only make the paper, but they make a keepsake for their parents out of it. This makes the paper lesson practical as well as educational. Some of the kids made their paper into a tray and some cut out a piece of the paper and made a necklace. 

Giving kids the freedom to take a lesson one step further and incorporating creativity elevates interest and joy in the classroom. It makes the kids want to come to school and want to learn. 

  Adding creativity to science lessons
  Joy: Adding creativity to science lessons
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Paper to Paper

Unit 12: Performing with paper
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT change paper to make paper by recycling paper materials.

Big Idea: Kids learn that used paper can still be useful instead being thrown away by making paper from used paper.

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paper to paper
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