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My classroom includes developmentally delayed students, ELL students, special education students and speech students. Since there is such  diverse needs in my classroom, I try to find ways to support their use of content vocabulary whenever possible. 

In this lesson, I have the kids write a reflection of their lesson experience in their science journal. To accurate explain their experience, I have them collectively create a word bank for them to refer to while writing.

Word banks always prove their worth in academic communication. When kids have a word bank to lean on while they explain their experiences, it makes the writing or speaking much richer and more accurate. In this lesson, even my kids who need the most support did an excellent job reflecting in their science journals. 

  Why a word bank?
  ELL Students: Why a word bank?
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Weaving Paper

Unit 12: Performing with paper
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create a weaved piece of paper art by using the properties of construction paper.

Big Idea: Kids weave construction paper to form an art project that reflects how the paper strengthens when weaved.

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Science, Science Skills, art, Paper, weaving
  45 minutes
showing off our weaves
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