Reflection: Intervention and Extension Multiplication: x4 - Section 5: Independent Practice


Here's one of my favorite parts of this entire lesson! All of these videos are of the same student. I loved watching his understanding of multiplication, addition, number lines, and number sense develop in just one lesson.

In this video, Developing Understanding 1, you'll see that this student is comfortable multiplying 4 by lower numbers, but skips any higher facts he doesn't know. I try to break it down by showing him the numbers along the side of this paper: 4 x 6 = 6 + 6 + 6 + 6. Then I realized he still didn't quite understand, so I made it easier by drawing a number line. It was at this moment that I knew that I needed to provide further support conceptualizing multiplication.

To help support this student's learning, I scaffolded this concept by starting off with one jump of four on a number line, then two jumps of four, and then three jumps of four. This seems to help quite a bit: Developing Understanding 2. Now that the student was successful at finding 3 x 4, I thought he might be ready for a harder multiplication fact: 4 x 7.

Although this student could have just extended a previous number line, I was happy to see him starting over at 0 each time as I knew it would solidify the concept: Developing Understanding 3

In the final video, Developing Understanding 4, the student goes onto 9 jumps of 4, but he starts jumping on 4 instead of 0. He then revises his work and is able to tell me what he's going to watch out for in the future to avoid this same mistake.

Next Steps

To provide this student with further support, I will continue to provide him with a variety of models (number line, cookies, and Unifix cubes) to support his understanding of multiplication. 

  Intervention and Extension: Differentiation
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Multiplication: x4

Unit 13: Multiplication Kick Off
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT multiply a multi-digit number by 4.

Big Idea: After modeling multiplication facts for 4 using a number line and learning multiplication rhymes, students will multiply multi-digit numbers by 4.

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Math, modeling, Numbers and Operations, multiplication facts, number line model, Operations
  95 minutes
4 x 7 rhyme
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