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My students regularly respond to written journal prompts.  I have found that having students write down their responses accomplishes two major tasks.  First, it causes the students to not only think about the prompt, but to also demonstrate their understanding as they convey information in written form.  As the students write, the ideas that they have formulated become more concrete.  With this particular prompt, the goal is for students to realize how interconnected the body systems are, something that some of them begin to realize as they begin to develop evidence to write for their journal.  The second task accomplished by the journal is to provide me with insight into the students' level of understanding, enabling me to lead a more productive discussion.  The journal also provides students with something to refer back to, helping them to feel more confident in sharing responses during class discussion.

  Writing to Convey Understanding
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing to Convey Understanding
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Body System Review

Unit 7: Body Systems
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the manner in which different body systems overlap and interact with each other.

Big Idea: This lesson requires students to think about individual body systems and then explore how they impact each other.

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