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Seismic waves are important to learn about as we are constantly hearing about earthquakes on the Pacific Ring of Fire and in many parts around the world. They are also a really concrete way to show students how waves transmit though the earth. However, it is easy to scare students about the possibilities for them if they experience an earthquake. It is for this reason, that the YouTube video I chose is one in another language and only shows a suspension bridge moving. It is a great tie-in the the wave machine, but it also does not show too much of the devastation that can be caused by an earthquake. This is to minimize the trauma this topic may cause. Please be careful if choosing other YouTube videos as there are many with raw footage showing victims of the earthquake, that may not be suitable for young children.

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  Real World Applications: Easy To Scare
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Seismic Waves - Day 1

Unit 7: Waves Aren't Just In The Sea
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: Students will learn about the four different seismic waves.

Big Idea: Students will learn about the propagation of seismic waves and the damage they cause on the surface of the earth.

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