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Qualitative assessment is tricky in that there is no quantitative way to gather a score or hard data. It requires you to know the learning styles and challenges of your students. You have to take the required elements into consideration and look at each individual assessment to determine if the elements are present and then assess the quality of the assessment product according to the abilities of the student. Not all students are the same. Some will struggle with this assessment, some will excel at it. The score/grade should be an indicator of the quality and effort, not on the aesthetic qualities of the product.

  Qualitative Assessment
  Qualitative Evaluations: Qualitative Assessment
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Wrapping It Up

Unit 6: Erosion Explosion
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of erosion and its effects on human activity.

Big Idea: Students will be able to articulate both their scientific and social understanding of erosion.

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