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Whenever I design an assessment, I have a long conversation with myself about the merits of a longer or shorter assessment. The short assessment carries greater weight per question in terms of points, but a longer assessment is often difficult to complete when you are a younger learner. This assessment was pretty simple and did not require a huge amount of recall, as students had already been so immersed in their learning of concepts that I felt that a shorter assessment would not overly skew my data. However, if a child does poorly on a shorter assessment, I always provide a chance to sit and talk with me. This way I can ask many of the same questions in a conversation and see if it was just performance anxiety. It is important to ensure that students are given multiple chance to show their knowledge, to ensure that it is not assessment bias that is influencing their grade.

  Assessments - Too Long or Too Short?
  Unit Exams: Assessments - Too Long or Too Short?
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Waves Assessment

Unit 7: Waves Aren't Just In The Sea
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will show their knowledge of how waves work.

Big Idea: Students will show their understanding of the properties of waves.

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Science, Waves, assessment
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