Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Erosion Community Project Introduction - Section 3: Independent Investigation


During this time, students may come up with some pretty zany ideas. Be careful not to dismiss ideas too fast as sometimes when children think outside the box, they offer ideas that, although may be alternative, may actually work. For example, I once had a student suggest building stairs into the hillside with growing boxes as the treads. He said that this would be a more stable way to reinforce the hill and an artistic way to provide a new way to walk up the hill to prevent further erosion. This ideas was far beyond what I was able to accomplish. However, his father, a carpenter, had old stair parts that he was willing to donate to the project. To this day, we have a lovely set of grass stairs on a local hill.

  Be Open To Zany Ideas
  Problem-based Approaches: Be Open To Zany Ideas
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Erosion Community Project Introduction

Unit 6: Erosion Explosion
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will discuss how erosion affects their local community.

Big Idea: Students will understand how erosion affects human activity and how to mitigate erosion damage in their community.

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