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There have been times when students have not had the opportunity to actually present their findings to the community council. When this occurs, I try to find community members who are willing to sit on a panel to listen to the students present. It is helpful if you have someone on the panel who has experience in this field, but usually, just the experience of presenting to a panel of adults/community members provides students with the opportunity to practice presenting their knowledge and answer questions in a coherent manner. This is a powerful learning process for students so I encourage you to try this even if it is only with members of your PTA/PTSA or class parents. 

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  High Expectations: Real-Life Learning or Simulation
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Public Service Presentation

Unit 6: Erosion Explosion
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will present their learning about erosion and how to reverse its effects.

Big Idea: Students will articulate their understanding of erosion as a scientific and social issue in their community.

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Science, Presentation Skills, presentation of actions
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