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It is important to set students up with a way to record their learning and the process of learning. I did this by offering students a Curiosity Journal where they could record their thoughts, questions, process, interviews they might have with parents, professionals, friends, etc. This was very useful for students who liked to write. Students who do not like to write, may choose to use a word document, a Google doc, or some other form of record-keeping. The purpose and intent is to support them in recording their learning in a way that is useful to them and teaches lifelong skills.

  Setting Students Up For Success
  Organizational Systems: Setting Students Up For Success
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Curiosity Story

Unit 8: Science Exploration Research Projects
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students will articulate why they chose their research topic and how the research is going.

Big Idea: Students will articulate the research process as it pertains to their individual projects.

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