Reflection: Trust and Respect Following Directions - Section 3: Explore/Explain


This lesson is based on an article called "Write it, Do It" by Erin Peters and is in the NSTA publication: Science the "Write" Way .

I first did this activity in a STEM workshop with teachers and it was a big hit. They were surprised that there were small details in the directions that they missed. A few of the partnerships got the figures exactly right the first round so this motivated the second partner to make it more challenging. 

The students loved this activity (again- Legos) and had the same reaction- they wanted to make it more challenging the second time around. They also wanted to do the activity again and I said that we would at a later time and that I would add more Legos to the bags.

I think they were surprised at how different everyone was in their descriptions of the blocks and they were really good about coming up with a common language for the directions. I told them that this is what scientists and engineers also do.


  Writing and Following Directions
  Trust and Respect: Writing and Following Directions
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Following Directions

Unit 1: Scientist Training Camp
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write directions to follow so that their partner can create a structure from Legos.

Big Idea: Following directions and step-by-step instructions is crucial for successful science investigations.

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