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I believe that all teachers, regardless of level of experience, classroom management skills, or education face the challenge of equipping students with the skills and tools that help them develop and demonstrate independence in using resources and following multi-step procedures.

And to do this within the construct of a team so that all members pull their own weight and the team not only survives but thrives! My wife says that I am a dreamer and...she is right but that doesn't mean that dreams can't come true!

So this tool* (SMART Goal Success Tracker) is something that I have found to be pretty darn simple and easy to explain as well as implement. Basically, once a multi-part process (project, lab, etc.) has been outlined to students, then it is their job to break down either the team or individual roles into smaller daily deliverables attached to an accountability measure.The key is to have them sweat out the details (with guidance) and hopefully begin to own their responsibilities.

Of course, I work with teenagers who have a reputation for wanting it both ways: adult privileges and childhood responsibilities, so there is always work to be done but when they start getting the idea of the power of pre-planning the skill will help them in every domain of life (finances, making the most of their time, in job performance, etc.) So it has a lot of upside in addition to nailing down what must be done (by the end of class). Also, when a kid can move the marker from 0% all the way up to 100% that is a great feeling; one that inspires doing it again and again. That's my dream scenario!

*This document represents the student pre-planning for the three day project.

  Classroom Setup: "Steering" Student Performance
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Evidence for Evolution: #1 of 3

Unit 6: 6) Exploring Change ("The Theory of Natural Selection")
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: Student teams will be able to communicate scientific information that common ancestry and biological evolution are supported by multiple lines of empirical evidence.

Big Idea: The Theory of Natural Selection presents claims supported by various lines of evidence.

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