Reflection: ELL Students Niche Roles - Section 4: Elaborate


The Graffiti Wall is a purposeful tool for introducing and learning new vocabulary words.  Students relate to it, as they love using fancy, smelly markers and writing things using graffiti style fonts.  This tool is a great resource when trying to elicit prior knowledge of a certain topic or concept.  You can write the word/concept in the center of a poster and have students add what they know.  You can also use it to reinforce learned vocabulary by writing the word in the center and having students add what they've learned in pictures of words. 

  Graffitti Wall as a Vocabulary Tool
  ELL Students: Graffitti Wall as a Vocabulary Tool
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Niche Roles

Unit 9: Interactions Among Living Things
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the roles of organisms in a habitat (producers, consumers and decomposers).

Big Idea: Students learn vocabulary associated with the roles of organisms by creating a graffiti wall of their own!

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