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These projects were a huge hit with students!  They loved creating the dioramas.  Because they were so excited to create the model, they were extra motivated to complete the research.  As they finished researching, one-by-one, they began the process of procuring materials for their specific biome.  This process can be challenging if you're unwilling to buy some of the animals and materials for the class.  I found packages of plastic animals at the  local dollar store, packages of straw and yarn and had students bring in shoeboxes from their homes.  The sample biomes, sample biome and sample biome 2, show the diversity of materials you may need for successful projects. 

  Student Ownership: Sample Projects
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Biomes Diorama Project

Unit 9: Interactions Among Living Things
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Objective: SWBAT research one specific biome, identifying various components within it.

Big Idea: This is a multiple day project resulting in an oral presentation, as well as a 3D diorama of a specific biome.

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