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In all of my years of teaching Science, I have always used a Science Notebook of some sort. A Science Notebook keeps students' writing, data and reflections in one place and it gives them a sense of ownership of their learning.  In the past I have required that all of the students' notebooks should look same and all of the same items should be in it It was filled with glue-in half sheets that were provided by the science curriculum I was using at the time.

I now allow for the students to be more creative in how they record data and notes but give them guidelines as to what should be included in their notebooks. I found that there are some great resources out there about science notebooks with several of them listed here: Science Notebook Resources.

I have also started reading the book: Science the Write Way  from NSTApress and edited by Jodi Wheeler Toppen. The Chapters include information about reading comprehension through science inquiry and making thinking visible. It has great activities and resources and allows you to incorporate English Language Arts instruction in science.

Here's a short video reflection about Science Notebooks.

  Student Ownership: The Importance of Science Notebooks
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Setting up the Science Notebook

Unit 1: Scientist Training Camp
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Objective: SWBAT prepare and organize their Science Notebooks that will be used throughout the year.

Big Idea: The use of Science Notebooks is an important skill for students to have so that they can collect data, ideas, and draw sketches of things that they are learning.

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