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In any lesson, it is a wonderful moment when the students have a sidebar conversation that I can capitalize on with the group for just a few moments of review, or to push them a bit further.  In this video, 2 of my students are debating if the product will automatically be even or odd.  They aren't quite there yet in their understanding, but the debate is a good one that I will revisit at the end of the lesson.  However, I alert the class that a great conversation is happening and this prepares them to discuss it later.

Mathematicians, these two friends are having a wonderfully challenging conversation about the product of their work and if it will automatically be an even or odd number.  Isn't that an interesting pattern to look for?  When we close our conversations today, I will have them share and we can all peek into their learning.

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  Safety: Sidebar Learning Opportunity
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Equal Groups on a Number Line

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to use a number line as a tool to model understanding of multiplication being repetitive addition.

Big Idea: This lesson has children practicing working with equal groups as a set of objects, not a single number to "count by".

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Math, Number lines , Number Sense and Operations, Operations , equal groups, partnership work, student debate, multiplication models
  60 minutes
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