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With the focus on science literacy, reading and writing in science is now supported with Common Core Standards (LiteracyWriting).

Finding up-to-date, relevant, leveled reading material can be difficult if your school doesn't have a subscription, such as Cosmos for Schools. There are, however, some high quality free resources. Most expect you to set up an account.

NewsELA  - Provides content at a variety of reading levels. Web based. Free and paid depending on what you want from it.

ReadWorks - Provides content at a variety of reading levels. Free. Not web based.

Scitable by Nature Education - A collaborative visually rich and quite readable learning site out of The Nature Publishing Group.

Discovery News - All the elements of news (articles, stories, video).

The New York Times in School - Free access to the NYTimes articles for classrooms. Could be coupled with their rich video library, The Learning Network.

TweenTribune (Smithsonian) - K-12, English & Spanish, covers all topics.

ScienceNews for Students - A very deep resource, rich with visuals, by the Society for Science & the Public.

BirdBrain Science - Accessible reading ensures every student in your classroom can comprehend the text.

cK-12 - Reading, simulations, and self directed learning modules.

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Relationship Status: Symbiosis

Unit 8: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT construct explanation that predicts patterns among organisms across multiple ecosystems.

Big Idea: Students explore symbiotic relationships across multiple ecosystems.

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Science, Ecology, ecosystem, symbiosis, ELL, interaction, Energy, dynamic
  60 minutes
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