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My area of San Jose, CA is in the middle of a drought.  While not life threatening, the brown landscaping and low reservoirs has caused us all to pause and think about ways that we can teach our students to respect the give and take of the natural world.  Lessons about things like evaporation give real life application to important concepts.  While it can be easy to pass them off as too complicated, it’s essential to give them dedicated attention at this open minded and caring age to set a foundation of environmental awareness. 

Many of my units discuss the idea that we are stewards of the Earth.  To me, the parallel concept is that we have ownership- and control- of many things in our environment.  Lest the scope of this become too daunting for our students (and us!), begin with baby steps.  What’s one thing that we can do today to help the Earth become a healthier place to live?  The beauty of this age is that often, a gentle nudge to take that first step is all they need to start down the path toward a healthier planet..for everyone.  

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  Real World Applications: Learn with a Global Pourpose
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Some Sun!-Evaporation Station

Unit 14: Some Sun!
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: Students will observe and record the effects of evaporation.

Big Idea: How does the sun affect a plant’s water?

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Science, Science Skills, Vocabulary, sun, ELL, sunlight
  50 minutes
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